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What is Easy Search?

Easy Search is a one-stop search for discovery and delivery of local and millions of scholarly e-resources, such as journal articles, e-books, conference proceedings, reviews, theses and dissertations, legal documents, etc. They are harvested from primary and secondary publishers and aggregators, open access repositories, as well as from library subscribed databases.

What am I searching?

       Search the Library Catalogue for library acquired books, journals,
       audio-visual materials and more.
       Find journal articles, newspapers articles, theses, conference
       proceedings and more.
Books & Articles
       Search for all types of materials listed above.
Extended Search
       Search databases not covered in the above "Search – Articles and        more" with federated search mechanism


Use Easy Search or a database?

Easy Search provides a single access point to find articles in many, but not all of the library subscribed e-resources and research databases. If you need more specific information on a particular subject, it is better to search the library databases

Search Hints:

For Use Example
Searching all input words gps privacy
Phrase search " " "higher education"
Multiple character wildcard search * computer*
Searching at least one input word or phrase OR universities OR colleges
Excluding a term NOT china NOT "hong kong"
Grouping terms ( ) (universit* OR college*) "united states"

Shall I sign in?

Sign in when you would like to:

  • set preferences
  • save your searches
  • set alerts for your queries
  • hold/request a checked-out book
  • conduct Extended Search while off-campus